Stone Oven on Lee Menu

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Scrambled Eggs

mixed in with choice of cheese, veggies and meats and served with multigrain toast

Egg Sandwich

mixed up scrambled eggs between grilled multigrain bread

French Toast

made from our Challah bread and served with 100% Ohio maple syrup

French Toast Sandwich

ham or turkey, Swiss cheese, served between Challah French toast and served with 100% Ohio maple syrup


ham / Swiss or spinach / feta

Steel Cut Oatmeal

walnuts, raisins and brown sugar toppings

Stone Oven Granola with Greek Yogurt

Maple Glazed Bacon

Fried Plantains



Side choice of kettle chips, couscous, or tabbouleh salad

Smoked Turkey / Provolone

with honey mustard

Black Forest Ham / Swiss

with whole-grain mustard

Roast Beef / Swiss

with horse radish mayo


smoked turkey and maple bacon with tomato and mayo

Joey Pugwich

smoked Turkey, Ham, Swiss and 1000 island dressing

Chicken Tarragon Salad

with celery and mayo

Chicken Curry Salad

with raisin, celery and mayo

Dill Tuna Salad

with red and green peppers, celery and mayo

Salmon Salad

with capers, carrots, red onion and mayo

Roasted Veggie

eggplant, zucchini, roasted red pepper and artichoke pesto

Fresh Mozzarella Roasted Pepper

with sundried tomato pesto

Vegan Club

roasted veggies, hummus, cucumber and red onion


All salads made with romaine and mixed greens and served with our bread and house made dressing (eggless Caesar)

John’s Special

with julienned ham, turkey, swiss cheese, crumbled egg and cherry tomatoes

Tanya’s Tango

with feta, tabouleh, couscous, olives and cukes

Jaina’s Salad

with roasted chicken, roasted red pepper, feta, tabouleh, couscous and cukes

Sasha’s Choice

with dill tuna salad, cherry tomatoes and cukes


with roasted red peppers, feta cheese, kalamata olive, cherry tomatoes and cukes

Garden Variety

with roasted red peppers, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes and cukes


Made in house, changes daily



Miller’s multigrain, Siciliano w/ sesame seeds (semolina flour), Challah, etc.


A large selection of croissant, scones, tea biscuits, Danish, muffins, brownies, cookies etc.


Locally roasted drip coffee


Eco Prima loose teas